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Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy Game Best Settings for Steam Deck

The Guardians of the Galaxy game is just as awesome as the francise as a whole, however, the out of the box low settings don't do it justice. You will need a few tweaks on this one to get the most out of the game and it won't hold over 30 FPS as consistently as we would like, but it's more than good enough.

For this one you want to start with the low graphics preset then:

  • vsync off

  • FPS Cap (in-game) at 40 FPS

  • motion blur off

  • FSR off

  • Display resolution (under display not graphics) 100%

  • Steam Deck FPS 60 or uncapped

You will bounce between 30-40 FPS most of the time but you won't really notice it as the frametime is pretty stable, there will be the odd occaision it will have a brief dip under 30 FPS but again, you shouldn't really notice.


Plafond FPS


Cap RR

Fréquence de rafraîchissement





Vie de la batterie

Version protonique

Statut vérifié

1.5 hours



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