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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Settings (Steam version)

Ghost Recon breakpoint is not currently working out of the box, but with a small tweak, you can get this working perfectly fine. If you haven't done the change already you can check our guide to get Ghost Recon Breakpoint working on Steam Deck

Once in-game, High settings do look incredibly good, but it is not very stable.

Even on medium settings you are not going to be getting a consistent 60 FPS either, so we recommend first of all capping the Steam Deck refresh rate to 40hz and the Frame rate to 40 FPS.

In the settings for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, enable V-Sync, then reduce the FidelityFX Sharpening from 50 to 20. It's a bit too aggressive by default and this makes a nice difference.

Scroll down to the preset option and set it to medium, then scroll down to Motion Blur and turn it off.

Apply your settings and you will now have an extremely stable 40 FPS no matter what you are doing in the game.

Check out the video to see the settings in effect.


Plafond FPS


Cap RR

Fréquence de rafraîchissement





Vie de la batterie

Version protonique

Statut vérifié

1-1.5 hours



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