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Best Settings for Sons of the Forest on the Steam Deck

Performance Update:

The game has received a performance update including FSR 2.0, enhancing playability on the Steam Deck.

Though still unofficially supported, the game now runs at a stable frame rate.

Expect 30 to 40 frames per second.

Initial game loading can be lengthy, taking up to 3 minutes.

Recommended Settings:

  • Start with the low preset.

  • Adjust draw distance and grass to medium.

  • Set water quality to high for better visuals.

  • Enable FSR 2.0 on the quality setting for better performance.

These settings should provide a balanced experience between performance and visual quality for "Sons of the Forest" on the Steam Deck. Keep in mind that as the game receives updates, these settings might need adjustments for optimal performance


Plafond FPS


Cap RR

Fréquence de rafraîchissement



Vie de la batterie

Version protonique

Statut vérifié

1-2 hours



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