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Best Settings for Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth on Steam Deck

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth does have FSR 3 integration. However, its performance wasn't as good as I had hoped for. Surprisingly, the FSR 2 mode was much better performance-wise and did not have any noticeable graphical difference.

Moving around the city, you get regular frame rate dips with FSR 2 and FSR 3, but these were less severe compared to FSR 3. These slowdowns seemed tied to loading spikes or during battle scenes with slo-mo's.

If you turn off the FPS overlay, these fluctuations are less noticeable, although dips into the 50s and occasional spikes into the 30s still occur.

I mostly tested on the OLED Steam Deck running off an SSD, ensuring optimal performance conditions so there should have been much less load spikes than seen.

There is also the option of FSR 3 frame generation, but, I don't recommend using it due to the noticeable impact on frame time and the introduced input latency, which ruins the overall experience.

For the best settings, I recommend the medium preset with FSR 2 on quality mode and a 0.8 sharpness level, with V-Sync and motion blur off. These settings offer a balance of performance and visual quality, especially on the OLED model with HDR support. You can expect consistent 60 FPS in most gameplay and cutscenes, making for an immersive experience.

For those seeking a more stable frame rate, capping the Steam Deck at 40 FPS can reduce the frequency of dips, though playing at 60 FPS with occasional lag spikes is how I've enjoyed the game.

The OLED model pulls around 21-22 Watts, offering 2.5 to 3 hours of playtime. The LCD version, however, consumes more power (26-27 Watts), resulting in around 2 hours of gameplay.


Plafond FPS


Cap RR

Fréquence de rafraîchissement





Vie de la batterie

Version protonique

Statut vérifié

2-3 hours



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