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UGREEN Nexode 160W Charger and 65W charger review [Sponsored]

The Ugreen 160W Nexode charger is a beast and fantastic for all devices as well it's smaller 65W Variant

  • Can charge Steam Deck and other devices at full speed

  • Can charge up to 4 devices at once (160W)

  • Can still get a bit warm

  • Power divided on connection regardless of device plugged in

Having reliable and fast chargers for all of our gadgets is crucial. That’s why I'm thrilled to share my experience with two exceptional products from Ugreen: the 65W and the 160W Nexode Pro Chargers. A special shoutout to Ugreen for sponsoring this review and providing the chargers.

Ugreen 65W Charger: Compact Powerhouse

The 65W version is available for around $56 (or about £50) and, as the name suggests, offers a total output of 65 Watts. This is split across the port types and has a cap of 22.5W for its USB-A port and only 30W on the USB-C second port. When it comes to charging devices like the Steam Deck, which requires around 45 Watts, this isn't and issue. I tested this with the Steam Deck and it charged up to 12% in just 21 minutes, even when a phone is added to the mix, the charging is barely affected – the charge time only extended by a couple of minutes.

I also tested the charger with a power bank that can input up to 100W and apart from loss in cabling and other factors, the charger managed about 42 Watts with the phone plugged in and around 56-57 Watts with just the Steam Deck giving good power distribution. This performance can vary based on the quality of the cable used, so it's worth considering UGREEN's cables as well, which include 100W and 140W options, along with data transfer specific cables.

Ugreen 160W Nexode Pro Charger: The Charging Beast

The 160W charger, priced at approximately $120 (£98), is a true powerhouse. With 4 outputs at: 140 Watts on USB-C1, 100 Watts on USB-C2, 30 Watts on USB-C3, and 22.5 Watts on USB-A.

The power is based on what is plugged in, regardless if there is a device on the other end or not. With the Steam Deck and a power bank plugged in, the Steam Deck receives its full 45W, while the power bank gets about 58W. Weirdly, adding a third device seems to balance the output more efficiently.

The 160W beast is particularly beneficial if you're looking to charge multiple high-power devices simultaneously. For instance, you could use 'turbo mode' on another handheld while still charging a Steam Deck or other high-power devices.

There's also a slim version of the 65W charger on the horizon, which promises to be a great addition for those who are always on the move.

Get the chargers here:

UGREEN Nexode Pro 65W Charger(UK):

UGREEN Nexode Pro 65W Charger(US):

UGREEN Nexode Pro 65W Charger(official store):

UGREEN Nexode Pro 160W Charger(UK):

UGREEN Nexode Pro 160W Charger(US):

UGREEN Nexode Pro 160W Charger(official store):


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