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Sytnech Steam Deck Dock Review [Sponsored]

Syntech 6-in-1 Steam Deck USB C Dock Review

  • Compact

  • Small Form Factor from the front

  • Minimal intake vent cover

  • Connection Cable can be temperamental

  • Steam OS beta 3.5 had issues

  • Cable management required

Thanks to Syntech for sponsoring our Steam Deck Dock Review so that you could watch the video ad-free and it guaranteed we reviewed the product.

You can get the dock here: Syntech Store

The Syntech dock is out to be different from the outset, with the curved back design and the small form factor on the front, it really does make the dock look good sitting, almost floating, when viewed from the front.

However, the design does cause a few minor issues, the cable length for the USB-C connection and being at the back, can make the connection temperamental if you want to use the Steam Deck while docked (using the dock controls). Therefore we recommend that you use an external controller or Keyboard and mouse when using this dock.

You also have to make sure you sit the Deck central on the dock, otherwise, it does look quite lopsided.

For some reason, Steam OS 3.5 beta did not like the dock, it would either show no signal or a very fuzzy image in any other resolution than 1920 x1080, this could however, be an issue with Steam OS 3.5 itself and some drivers, it is beta, so I wouldn't take that is a serious bad point right now, but we still thought it was worth mentioning.

Cable management is important with the Syntech dock, with the circular back, you will need to make sure your HDMI cable has enough play to curve to the right, otherwise you may need to re-think your Dock position.

Overall, the Syntech dock is a great little dock that dares to be different, but it will only suit those that want a small form factor and plan to use other accessories to control your deck when docked.

You can get the dock here: Syntech Store


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