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Syntech Glowmic RGB Microphone Review [Sponsored]

A great budget Noise Cancelling RGB Condenser Microphone

  • Custom RGB Lighting

  • Noise Cancellation

  • Can't turn RGB Off

  • Short Stand

The RGB Glowmic from Syntech is a fantastic budget to mid-range microphone that really looks the part as well as being able to deliver solid sound.

My only downside is that the base stand the Microphone comes with is too short for a desk stand microphone to take advantage of the mic position for optimal use, so you will likely need a boom arm or swap out the stand for a taller one.

Check out the video for our sound samples to accompany the review.

Close Range

As long as you are not pressed up against the mesh, the condenser microphone really performs well with Noise Cancellation Enabled. Without Noise Cancellation, you hear too many breaths and other creaks around you, which can be distracting.

Mid Range

At mid-range the Noise Cancellation works more against you than for you, the microphone is definately one that you will want to use close up, but if you have to use it at a slight difference, you really will need to turn off the noise cancellation, otherwise it becomes a choppy mess.

Other Features

Having the Mute button on the top is quick and easy to use and it really helps that there is also the visual indicator of the microphone turning red while muted to remind you it is muted. Long pressing the mute button enables/disables the Noise Cancellation as well so if it is problematic, it's quick and easy to switch.

Six unique lighting modes can be controlled via a button to switch on the back of the microphone.


  • 192kHz/24Bit studio-level high bit depth and sampling rate

  • Adjustable gain

  • 3.5mm jack for real-time audio monitoring

  • 5/8'' thread, making it compatible with most mic stands or boom arms

  • Included accessories:

    • Metal pop filter

    • 5.9 ft Type-C to Type-C Cable

    • Type-C to USB Adapter

Overall, the Syntech Glowmic is a solid option if you want a decent-sounding microphone with great colors without breaking the bank.

You can get the Syntech RGB Glowmic USB Condensor Microphone here.


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