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Mountable Steam Deck Power Bank

A new Magnetic Mountable Power Bank is here that can charge your Steam Deck while you play

  • Can be used Mounted

  • Can be used normally

  • Charges 1.1x

  • Can play while charging

  • Cheapest Steam Deck capable portable charger

  • Builds arm and wrist strength

  • May damage Delta Fan models

  • Heavy Power Bank

  • Magnet may cause issues while carried seperately

  • Mount doesn't work with any other case

Double your battery life on Steam Deck with the ANTANK mountable Power Bank

Make sure your Steam Deck doesn't have a Delta fan before mounting with it turned

To check if you have a Delta fan, follow below to access the fan manufacturer settings:

  1. Go to Steam Settings

  2. Select System

  3. Scroll down till you see a button labelled "Model/Serial Numbers" and select it

  4. Scroll down till you see the fan type, it should be Huaying or Delta

System Settings Model/Serial Numbers
System Settings Model/Serial Numbers

Steam Deck Fan Model
Steam Deck Fan Model

Purchase Links

ANTANK Power Bank:

ANTANK Steam Deck Dock:


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