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Best Setting for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League on Steam Deck

There's a significant issue with VSync in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice league, causing stuttering and frame time problems. All other settings are set to low. I'm using FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) on the quality setting.

Although it's FSR 1, the game's quality remains high, and the slight blurriness is tolerable given the game's visual appeal. However, load spikes and lag are frequent, especially during battles and while traversing high areas.

In single-player mode, with bots as teammates, frame rates drop to around 25 fps, which is manageable. Multiplayer, however, has a more substantial impact on performance. Frame times show significant spikes and dips below 20 fps in busy areas. Therefore, I recommend sticking to the single-player version on the Steam Deck.

Cut scenes run smoothly at 60 fps, which is a bonus. I'll continue following this game and update if there are any performance improvements.


Čepice FPS


RR Cap

Obnovovací frekvence



Životnost baterie

Protonová verze

Ověřený stav

2-3 hours



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